Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Femme Fermental is Moving

Finally, I am abandoning Blogger. I started a food blog in 2008. At the time, Blogger was the best option. Since then, Blogger has become the worst option. The Google service looks terrible on a phone. The platform makes it very difficult to integrate photos and text. It’s an aesthetic nightmare. The list goes on.
The shift to a new site makes sense for several reasons. Over the years, the focus of my blog has changed. While I do write about food, I more often write about my travels. Further, I’ve begun to take photos, both film and digital. As such, I need a place to share images (without words). This Blogger site will remain in existence: an archive. But, all new posts will be on a, visually, more appealing website:
I’ll update the main, photo-based page on a regular basis. I’m not certain that Instagram will exist forever, or much longer (@femmefermental). While Instagram has a vaguely photographic purpose, I foresee the day when I no longer open the app. A 21st-century website seems much more stable and enduring: a spot for the next ten years, or more, of The Femme Fermental. 

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