Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Homeward Bound

It is official. The Femme is moving back to Philly. After three years in the Pioneer Valley (see above), it's time to return to the land of jawns, wooter, and Murray Christmas.

I've changed quite a bit and learned a few things while living in rural Western Massachusetts. Most appropriate for this forum, I've learned that you need to live in a place that has a food scene to have a food blog!

There are very few (almost zero) places I spend money to dine out in Amherst/Northampton. There are about three beer bars in the area; all of these places involve a precarious drive home. As such, this blog was difficult/impossible to keep up. (Not to mention, I was working on a Ph.D. I will be writing my dissertation in Philly, lest anyone think I've given up!)

I feel the need to pay some sort of homage to the place that I have never called home, but where I have lived, for the last three years. I'm going write posts about my Top 10 favorite places/things/activities in the area. For the above reasons, not all of these post will be food related. But, they do explain what I've done with myself instead of dining out.

After this digression, this blog will happily return to a food blog, and Philly.

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