Saturday, May 19, 2012

My Top 10: The Moan and Dove

In Philly, beer bars are ubiquitous. When I left three years ago, the beer scene was thriving. This craft beer bubble has continued to grow. Thankfully, almost every restaurant in Philly serves a few local beers on tap. You don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone.

When I moved to Western Mass I was ecstatic to find two beer bars in the area. I wasn’t expecting much. As such, I blogged about The Moan and Dove as soon as I arrived.

The Moan and Dove has some great qualities: 20 taps, a giant bottle list, and a mug club if you drink every bottle on the list. For monetary and caloric reasons, I was unable to make it into the mug club. The bar does not serve food, but there are free peanuts. The dropped ceiling is spray-painted dark green. For some reason that makes me laugh. They have a turntable for hipsters. They light candles at night. They have a chalkboard draft list. You can bring in your own food or order takeout. Dogs are welcome.

Unfortunately, The Moan and Dove is about a 10-15 minute hilly drive from my apartment. Lightweight that I have become, the drive home is problematic. I never made it to Moan and Dove as often as I wanted. Yet, the bartenders always remembered me. I think it was my habit of ordering Cantillon bottles and double IPAs. Most days, I was happy to know that a beer bar was within reach.

While I will miss the quirky vibe of The Moan and Dove, I'm thrilled to be returning to a place where there are many beer bars within reach.

The Moan and Dove
460 West St.
Amherst, MA 01002

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