Saturday, July 4, 2009

Brunch at Supper

Last Sunday I accidentally went to brunch at Supper. How does one accidentally go to brunch you might ask? Well, I was in the neighborhood and a few hours early for work. Turns out they serve brunch and have a bar. Both sounded like a great idea to me at noon on a Sunday.

With the help of a fellow bartender, and Tria Sunday School regular, I selected a Bloody Mary and entrée. In the mood for something sweet, I went with the "Crispy Banana French Toast with caramelized bananas and peanut butter crème anglaise." The crispy part is no joke. Turns out they soak the bread in the peanut butter crème anglaise overnight and then deep fry it. Yeah, it's as good as it sounds. Deep fried french toast? You can't really go wrong.

The house-made Bloody Mary's were also incredible. I had one with clam juice and a pickled quail egg, a more traditional version, and finally, my favorite, a Bloody Maria made with tequila and some sort of hot sauce. It was seriously the hottest beverage I've ever had. It was so spicy, yet so delicious.

All in all, I'd certainly go back to Supper for brunch, or dinner for that matter. And I'd definitely go back for the Bloody Marys...

926 South Street
Philadelphia, PA 19147


Dan said...

I'm definitely going to supper for brunch this week. Thanks for the recommendation.

I have one for you though... I see nothing on your site about The Nodding Head! For a beer geek, that's completely inexcusable! They brew their own beers in house, and have won numerous World Beer Cup and Great American Beer Festival awards. And they make a tasty burger to boot. It's on Sansom between 15th and 16th, on the second floor above the Oyster House (which is also a great place).

Actually... I have one more recommendation. The Devil's Den in south philly. 16 taps, very reasonable prices (1/2 off during happy hour), and a great selection of micro-brews and german/belgian imports.

Femme Fermental said...

Hi Dan,

Glad you found my post useful. The bloody Mary's were great...

Thanks very much for the beer bar recommendations. I've been to both bars. I usually wait for something to really hit me over the head to write about it. I'm certainly not knocking Nodding Head, or their beers. Also, Devil's Den really does have a great selection. Now, Oyster House...I still haven't made it there yet...

Thanks again!