Thursday, March 12, 2009

Philly Beer Week In Review

After finding a few days to catch up on sleep, I’m finally ready to reflect on Philly Beer Week. It was an incredible 10 days. I was thoroughly impressed with the city’s beer drinking culture. People took off work and turned out to events, day after hung over day. Brewer’s from all over the country, and world, agreed that we are a great beer-drinking city. It felt like one big beertopia; sorry Portland, I have to step on your toes.

I’ve accumulated my personal stats. I know that it won’t compare to some of you out there, but I need to set goals for next year.

Bars Visited: 14
Beers Tasted: 45
Brewers met: 11

Best Dish: Pato Verde: Duck Confit, Beer Rice, Fava Beans at Amada

Best Pairing: Dogfish Immort Ale with Praline Foie Gras Torchon and single malt & juniper-maple syrup toast at TND

Best Beer: Russian River Consecration – Thanks Vinnie for getting it out here for Beer Week

Hippiest Brewer: Oscar Blues – Our conversation about Phish and their Hampton shows, while people were one deep at the bar around you (and I was bartending), was awesome.

Best Dressed: Don Feinberg – Beer importer met Ivy League Professor attire

Worst Beer Abomination: Allagash White and Orange Juice – No, and no.

Biggest Surprise: Not going to Monks – I did step foot in their hallway, but decided to avoid the place altogether this week.

Biggest Let Down: Vinnie not coming out for beer week. C’mon, we love you here.

Biggest Personal Let Down: Not seeing my plaid-wearing #1 Brewer crush, Rob Todd – Maybe I’ll see you in April?

Top 10 Philly Beer Week Moments

1. Tapping a Yards Firkin at Tria
2. Proposing to a Philly Beer (Victory Wild Devil) during Beer Geek Finals
3. Eating dinner with Jose Garces
4. Friday the Firkinteenth at the Grey Lodge Pub
5. Shaking Dogfish Head's Sam Calagione’s hand. Okay, fine, I agree he’s cute.
6. Brewer’s Plate – Food and beer paired together; it’s all I need.
7. Asking Don Russell a beer question during the “Stump the Chump” portion of Beer Geek Finals
8. Seeing Suzie Woods nearly everyday of beer week
9. Witnessing any brewer drink beer not their own
10. “Taking a night off” from beer week to eat at Morimoto, only to end up at 3 bars afterwards

After all this, I can't wait until next year...


Unknown said...

Which Tria location do you work at, Rittenhouse Square or Washington Square?

Unknown said...

shucks! Thanks. Funny, I had been thinking about doing the same thing...wrapping up my beer week in "moments"